We Never Would Have Thought Of This Brilliant Use For The Ikea Shopping Bag

Image courtesy of Reebok.
If you were previously unfamiliar with Ikea's iconic Frakta shopping bag, you probably won't be after this week. The internet has taken it upon itself to transform the giant blue bags into some of the most unexpected items (an Ikea bag thong...really?).
Inspired by this trend, and of course always willing to show that fitness "equipment" can come from the items every household likely has, Reebok trainer Andrew Connor has developed a 12-move workout routine using — you guessed it — the Ikea shopping bag.
The Frakta Fitness routine finds many different uses for the big, blue bag, including using it as a weighted vest, a jump rope, dumbbells, and to provide resistance as you run. This workout is wacky and creative but, honestly, it also seems like it would really make you feel the burn — no trek to the gym necessary.
And if you happen to have just used those bags on a shopping spree through Ikea, Connor says that's a bonus.
"It's hard not to fill those bags as you're venturing through Ikea, so use the added weight of each additional piece of houseware to ramp up the difficulty of your workout," Connor told Refinery29. "Who knows, breaking the bank while shopping may help you break a fitness PR [personal record] in the process."
It's worth a try, right?
Read on to see the full workout.

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