Outfits Inspired By Twin Peaks' Best Characters

Twin Peaks is back with David Lynch at the helm and boy, are we thrilled. The 1990s cult show follows Special Agent Dale Cooper in his mission to unearth the truth after a high school girl named Laura Palmer is murdered. The show quickly escaped the tropes of an archetypal whodunnit and descended into mystery and surreality, where nothing was quite as it seemed. Everything about Twin Peaks – from Angelo Badalamenti’s ethereal and alarming soundtrack to the characters’ quotable one-liners – solidified the show as an indie classic, despite falling viewer ratings forcing it off air after its second season.
While Lynch is best known for his dark, skewed presentations of reality – his films include Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive and The Elephant Man – his work is always extremely stylistic and cinematic. From the misty mountains in Twin Peaks' opening credits to the white picket fence at the beginning of Blue Velvet, you can count on every detail having been painstakingly considered from an aesthetic, as well as narrative, perspective.
Style-wise, Lynch’s longtime collaborator Patricia Norris, a costume designer who dressed 68 Twin Peaks residents, helped to shape the show into a much-referenced '90s dreamscape. From Agent Cooper’s slick mac and suit to Audrey Horne’s 1940s femme fatale-inspired get-up, every character had a distinctly memorable – and imitable – look. Norris died in 2015 but, thanks to hugely influential costume designer Nancy Steiner, we’re sure the show’s reprise will live up to its stylish beginnings. Having dressed everyone from Bowie and Bjork to Kurt Cobain, Steiner is also the mastermind behind The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation.
This season of Twin Peaks is set 25 years after we said goodbye to Agent Cooper et al, with many of the original characters returning. We can’t wait to see how the residents' style has evolved – will James Hurley finally shed that shearling biker jacket? We’ll find out this weekend. In the meantime, click through to see how influential the Twin Peaks aesthetic has been, and how you can pay homage to everyone from Log Lady to Donna Hayward.