Here Are The Most Instagrammed Holiday Spots


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When it comes to holidays, Instagram has now become an integral part of travelling. With entire accounts dedicated to #wanderlust #beachsunsets and #paradise, we're probably spending more time worrying about getting Insta-likes than we are having fun.
But which holiday locations get the most Instagram attention?
According to new research from cruise company Iglu, who analysed Instagram travel data over a 24-hour period, the average person on holiday posts two pictures a day for every day of their trip.

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Iglu say their research has concluded that the main motivation for people posting these pics is firstly to keep friends and family up-to-date, secondly, to document memories and thirdly, to "make other people jealous". So that friend posting daily hot-dogs-or-legs shots from a Maldives poolside over the past week? She knows exactly what she's doing.
But which locations got the most attention on Instagram over the research period?
When it comes to Instagram check-ins, New York was the most popular city, home to the first, second, and third most checked-into landmarks. These were Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, respectively. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai got 757 check-ins over 24 hours, putting it in fourth place.
Anyone who's experienced the crowds of tourists in Barcelona recently won't be surprised that Gaudí's famously unfinished cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, came in fifth. The picturesque Park Güell to the north of Barcelona, also the work of Gaudí, featured in the top 10 as well.
Other landmarks that came in the top 20 were the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Santa Monica beach, the Senso-ji temple in Tokyo and the Blue Lagoon thermal spa in Iceland.
The most Instagrammed and Facebooked cities overall? New York, Dubai, LA, Barcelona and Tokyo.

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