You Do NOT Want To Put This "Lip Liner" Anywhere Near Your Mouth

Lip liner, as the name explicitly states, is a thing used to line one’s lips. It is very effective for this purpose, and quite versatile, considering it can be worn one of two ways: on its own as a standalone lip colour, or under lipstick or gloss to create better definition and add staying power. The multitasking wonder is an essential item for any makeup bag.
But these are confusing times we live in, where nothing is as it seems — and Floss Gloss’s new Lipliner is not a lip liner at all. The neutral blush-nude shade is the latest addition to the beloved indie brand’s lineup, but you really (really) shouldn’t put it anywhere near your mouth. That’s because, despite its contradictory name, Lipliner is actually nail polish, and that gum you like is going to come back in style.
Described as a “dusty rose crème,” the colour is said to be inspired by (you guessed it) lip liner, which makes about as much sense as creating a lip liner shade called Nail Polish. Lip liner — the kind that’s actually meant for your lips — comes in a literal rainbow of options, from the unexpected (here’s a bright purple) to the classic (like red). By offering Lipliner, the brand explains on its website, Floss Gloss wants you to “match your tips to your lips,” if your lips are only ever one shade of Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K.
And if they are? Well, you’re in luck — you’ll have matching lips and tips forevermore, provided you don’t go swiping the polish over your lips before you get a chance to read the disclaimer. The rest of us will just be over here trying to figure out why nail brands seem intent on making polish that’s inspired by things that go on or near your mouth. Lip liner, pressed juices, Prosecco
— what’s next, a dark red called Pepperoni that smells just like the real thing?