You Won't Believe What Caused This Emergency Landing

Photo: Getty Images.
It's not just weather that can cause travel issues. You've heard about the stowaway that caused one flight to stay grounded and the blanket that caused another flight to get rerouted, but what about that complimentary beverage service? Delish reports that a seemingly innocuous drink caused one flight to take a detour. It'll make you wonder why those airplane cups are so small.
According to, an American Airlines flight en route to Miami from Chicago, had to make an emergency landing when a spilled soda led to mechanical issues. The flight landed at Jacksonville International Airport around 4:45 pm on Tuesday evening. All of the 150 passengers are safe and sound, but there are some lingering libation questions. Just how much soda does it take to ground a plane? Was there turbulence or an argument over the very last Coke Zero on the plane? Is that why you only get two sips of soda in those tiny airplane tumblers?
An American Airlines spokesperson stated that a soda had spilled onto a power outlet in the main cabin, but a passenger explained the situation in further detail to Preston Wake, who was on the flight, said that a flight attendant spilled the soda, which "drenched" him. It was after that spill that the crew announced the emergency landing.
"I can’t really tell you how far it went, but I was soaked," Wake told "I had to change my clothes and everything."
Delish adds that the delay lasted until 10 p.m., but Wake says there were no hard feelings. In fact, he said that the airline offered up free snacks for the major inconvenience. While that may not seem like much, airlines are cutting corners all over the place, so a few bags of free peanuts is a welcome freebie no matter the situation.

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