Exclusive Clip: Kiernan Shipka Gets A Creepy Warning In The Blackcoat's Daughter

Kiernan Shipka has come a long way since Sally Draper. While the actress's new character, Kat (a young school girl waiting for her parents to pick her up) may not seem far off from the 1950s daughter, this new role has a particularly creepy twist. Also starring Emma Roberts and Lucy Boynton, The Blackcoat's Daughter gets to the root of a horrifying secret and the chilling mystery hiding in plain sight.
In the clip above, debuted exclusively by Refinery29, Kat and Rose are stuck together after both of their parents didn't pick them up from school for break. However Rose, played by Boynton, has no intention of babysitting. Instead, she's getting ready to go out. She won't tell Kat where, but she does let her in on a different secret.
"You do know about the sisters, don't you?" she asks, referring to the nuns who teach at the school. She says that they wear wigs, and that they actually have no hair on their body.
"Next time check their eyebrows," she continues. "Totally fake. The real ones burnt right off."
"That's not true," Kat replies, standing in the doorway.
"You didn't hear about Jen Darling's sister?" Rose asks. "Graduated three years ago. She walked in on them one night...worshipping the devil."
"Who told you?" Kat presses, but Rose stays mum. It was just a story to scare her, but the film soon reveals that Kat has a horror of her own, and it's up to us to piece the puzzle together.
In a whirlwind of flashbacks, satanism, and murder, The Blackcoat's Daughter is a thrilling story with a surprise twist that debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for Best American Independent Feature Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival.
The Blackcoat's Daughter comes out for limited release in select cinemas and on demand on March 31.

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