Blac Chyna Is Giving Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits A Run For Their Money

The complex relationship between Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna deserves its own character map. (In lieu of a simplified graphic, you can read the not-so-simple breakdown here.) But if the tangled web of family relations isn't confusing enough for you as it is, here's another thing to consider: The two women also share similar business ventures.
Jenner launched her eponymous cosmetics collection in late 2015, which quickly evolved into a full-on craze powered by social media. In 2014 — almost a full year before Kylie Cosmetics came to be — Chyna debuted Lashed, a more comprehensive line that incorporates skin-care products, false lashes, and face makeup (and even has its own standalone salon in L.A.).
To make matters even more awkward, both Jenner and Chyna have developed their brands around one sole signature product: the liquid lipstick. The similarities (mostly) end there, because while Jenner's line focuses specifically on a certain type of very matte formula paired with a corresponding lip pencil to create one fully-formed Lip Kit, Chyna’s version comes in both matte and glossy finishes, with a newly updated 21-shade lineup that ranges from clear, shiny gloss (H2O) to bright coral (Joi) and matte black (Tokyo Nights).
The key difference, of course, is that Chyna’s line has received significantly less buzz than Jenner's behemoth of a brand. But clearly the onetime video vixen is working to change that, because she recently announced a 12-piece lip colour Collection Box that might just have liquid lipstick enthusiasts clamouring for the limited-edition deal. For $149 (£119), the bespoke set allows shoppers to choose a dozen of their favourite shades, so if there’s a colour or ten you’ve been dying to try, now’s your chance.
Because Chyna isn’t Chyna without a little drama, she also released a perplexing video to get people talking. It’s less like a lipstick ad and more like a trailer for a low-budget psychosexual thriller, but you know what they say: All publicity is good publicity.

What's in the Box? ? Find out now @lashedcosmetics

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