This Is Exactly What Lipstick Looks Like Under A Microscope

Photographed By Alexandra Gavillet.
More often than not, we don’t really think about the anatomy of our makeup. Most mornings, we’re off to a late start, racing to put on some SPF, concealer, and mascara before heading out the door. But when we take a second to really think about it, the idea is fascinating.
Makes sense: We’re mesmerised by bath bombs quietly exploding in the tub, intrigued by how our favourite soaps are made, heck, even macro images of glitter make us stop and stare — so what about the stuff we put on every single day? Sure, we might know how the products are made, but taking a closer look is a whole other story — one that a woman and her daughter recently documented.
Blogger Amy Oyler from The Scientific Mom put her favourite lipsticks to the scientific test with the help of a powerful microscope and curious daughter. “I share a lot of my scientific explorations with my 11-year-old daughter, Katie, and it was actually her idea to do this," Oyler shared in an interview with Bustle. "I had just purchased a new microscope to replace my older lab scope, and she suggested we test it out by looking at some of my makeup under the lens. It turned out to be a brilliant suggestion, as we were both blown away by the beautiful array of colours, the bright crystal shapes, and the structure of the makeup we were seeing through the lens!"
So what do lipsticks really look like underneath a microscope? Damn beautiful. In fact, we say it's even more fun to glare at than a swatch test. Click ahead to see for yourself.

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