This Elderly Couple Wear Matching Outfits (& School Us On Style)

Photo: Via @bonpon511
So this has made our day 100% better. Senior Japanese couple Bon and Pon created an Instagram account last December and have been making people’s feeds a whole lot cooler with their matching sartorial choices ever since.
The account, which now has over 86,000 followers, sees the couple post from all over the world in their mirrored navy pea coats, Breton tops and gingham shirts.
bonpon511 – an amalgamation of their names and the date they were married – have been together since 1980 and their bio reads: "A couple in their 60s cohabiting. Grey hair – fashion – coordinate."
Working classic pieces like trench coats and Peter Pan collars, and a simple palette (they make a great case for red, white, and black, FYI), the couple confirm that Japanese style is always one step ahead.
We've seen a piqued interest in older people's style lately. There's Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style documentary, Baddie Winkle's maximalist Tumblr vibes taking over Instagram, and increasing numbers of designer brands featuring older women in their campaigns – see Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent, Joan Didion for Céline, and Dolce & Gabbana's trio of grandmothers. This duo prove that you can work a slick pair of tartan trousers at any age.
Come for the fashion, stay for their incredible use of emoji... and click through to spy the couple’s chicest garms.