This 5-Year-Old Is The Feminist Icon You Need

"Boys aren't better than girls. They're exactly the same," says Eva, a five-year-old who was interviewed and featured in a segment on Channel 4 recently. From the mouths of babes come feminist words of wisdom.
Eva is one of the children featured in a show called The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds, with segments about children's views on the world. In a segment carved out by the show's producers, above, she tell us what it is important for girls to do when they grow up: go to work and vote, are her answers. We couldn't agree more.
When the producers ask her friend, Jude, why girls can't be scientists, he responds that it's because they make "silly potions." To this Eva responds, "I extracted the DNA from a banana once." That's what you call a smackdown.
The internet have become obsessed with Eva, with many women tweeting that she is their favourite feminist.
After the outporing of affection for Eva, her dad took to Twitter to thank her fans.
Keep it up Eva, you are the future!

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