This Disney-Heroine Baby Name Is So Trendy Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
One of Nameberry's hottest baby names of 2017 belongs to a badass Disney heroine. Moana, from the 2016 film, is number 4 on the list, following Tatjana, Alizeh, and Tahiti. Numbers 5, 6, and 7 are Ines, Seren, and Rosamund, respectively. The site measured popularity by pageviews, so these are the buzziest, most looked-up baby names. Moana means "ocean" in most Polynesian languages, which makes sense since the character lives on an island. According to SheKnows, it means "large body of water" in Hawaiian and Maori, which is a Polynesian language. We absolutely love Moana — it's a departure from all the Olivia's and Emma's out there, and has a rolling, mellifluous sound. Plus, who wouldn't want to be named after a heroine? Princesses are so yesterday.

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