This Manicurist Has The Most Genius Nail Hack & You Probably Already Have It In Your Makeup Bag

Why bother fixing your shattered eyeshadow when you could use it for this incredible nail art hack instead? Discovered by celebrity nail artist Jenna Hipp, this ingenious idea means you won't be cursing the sky the next time your palette tumbles out onto the hardwood floor. Instead, use those loose specks of powder for something even more mesmerising: galaxy nail art.
All you need is a topcoat and the broken dreams of some eyeshadow, and you have the tools to pull off a seriously innovative look. "Don’t trash that pretty palette - instead mix the crushed eye shadow with a little topcoat to create your own custom polish colours," Hipp captions the post. "For this super quick, easy (and eco!) look, I added a final dusting of contrasting eye shadow for a little extra wow factor." Wow, indeed. The speckly polish adds a little extra oomph to an otherwise regular manicure. Hipp embellished the style by painting the nail polish flecks up the tips of the finger, so it's almost like the style dissolves into your hand. You can also double and triple the possibilities by playing with contrasting colours or combining different powders together to create something never seen before. TBH, no matter how you choose to apply the broken eyeshadow, anything looks better than in the trash.

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