I Ate Like The Gilmore Girls & Realised Why They Always Order In

When I think of Gilmore Girls, it’s hard not to immediately think of food. Even the show’s other defining qualities connect back to that in my mind. They're probably talking that fast because they're basically mainlining coffee!
So it wasn’t surprising that, after Netflix announced the show’s return, an unauthorised cookbook, Eat Like A Gilmore, appeared on the scene. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign back in March, the book contains recipes that would be familiar to the show’s legions of devoted fans.
So, of course, I had to try it out. After all, I needed something to do while waiting for November 25 besides overanalysing every photo still that’s been released. (Where my Team Logan folks at? Never give up hope!)
From Friday night dinners to burgers at Luke’s, I set out to recreate at least one dish from the show’s most iconic meals. I might not be able to visit Stars Hollow in real life, but at least I can eat like I'm there.
Would I feel the magic of living in a small town that is somehow both charming and gratingly annoying? Would I know what it’s like to have caring but misguided grandparents who are also rich? Would I suddenly be averse to anything that remotely resembled a vegetable? The answers, ahead.

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