The 30 Parties Zara Thinks You’re Going To This Holiday Season

If there's one place you gravitate toward when you have a last-minute party to attend, we're guessing it's Zara. (We know, it's ours, too.) And so, it's no surprise, then, that our favourite fast-fashion retailer just launched an entirely new section on its site dedicated to solving all your holiday party outfit dilemmas. Under the "Evening" tab, you'll find seemingly endless options of throw-on-and-go masterpieces that include, but are not limited to, glitzy earring packs, sheer and sparkly staples, and yes, a shit ton of sequins. But, this whole drop has us thinking: How many parties does Zara really think we're going to?
To be totally transparent, nine out of 10 times, we'd rather RSVP to a cuddle session at home with a pint of ice cream and the latest episodes of Westworld. But hey, maybe these Zara duds are just the inspiration we need to hit up the event circuit as hard as we do our Netflix queue. Because this time around, it's not just our office bash the retailer is getting us ready for — in fact, we've imagined all types of hyper-specific scenarios we could wear these looks to. Click on for all the places Zara thinks we're going this season. With a closer look at these shiny, festive essentials, you might just be checking the "Yes" box for all of them.