This Mesmerising “Phoenix Hair” Will Lift You From The Ashes

Neon hair isn't new — and by now, we thought we'd seen its every iteration. (Mermaid, unicorn, Lisa Frank, to name a few.) But the latest version might be the most mesmerising. And its inspiring story could be just what you needed today. Phoenix Hair, dreamed up by colourist Guy Tang, involves painting chunky pink and orange pieces throughout the hair. (He used Kenra Professional Neon Colours.) During the day, it's a striking rainbow look. But under black light? It transforms into the most magical, mesmerising display. The name, of course, alludes to the mystical, immortal phoenix, which rises from the ashes in a shock of light. We're finding the notion of "phoenix hair" oddly comforting. By calling the fluorescent locks that name, Tang has reminded us of the renewing power of beauty. Beauty products — hair colour, foundation, a great mascara — have the ability to catalyse a rising from the ashes, a reawakening of the spirit. Not to mention, the neon locks are literally a light in the darkness. And, they just look damn cool.
Below, find Tang's full tutorial.

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