This Is The Woman-Centric Film You Need To See This Year

With all due respect to sci-fi blockbusters, it's nice to have a little variety when you and the fam are trying to agree on a movie to see together over the holidays.

Good news: Indie fans with a soft spot for strong female leads will no doubt be lining up for 20th Century Women. Mike Mills, the director of Beginners and husband to Miranda July, helms this comedic drama about a single mother (the fantastic Annette Bening) struggling to raise her teen son (newcomer Lucas Jade Zumann) circa 1979.

As you can see from the brand-new trailer below, it takes a village. Said village includes the groovy Greta Gerwig and a chain-smoking, attitude-flinging Elle Fanning. Billy Crudup also swings by to sway his hips and dish out some dubious sexual advice.

All of this basically guarantees that we'll be sitting in the best mid-row spot on opening night — which is December 25, so adjust your holiday plans accordingly.

Watch the trailer below, then call your mum.
Video: Courtesy of A24.

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