30 Things To Know About One-Night Stands From People Who Love Them

Photographed by Megan Madden
At their best, one-night stands can be exciting, liberating, and intimate, all in one go. But, like anything that involves sex with another person, they can also be awkward, regrettable, and/or forgettable. And if you've never had one, they can seem daunting. After all, there's really no handbook for one-night trysts.
But while there aren't official guidelines on how to have a great one-night stand, there are certain things you may want to keep in mind. (For starters: Always practice safe sex.)
So, to get you going, we asked 30 Refinery29 employees and readers (who are all self-proclaimed one-night stand enthusiasts) for their tips on how to successfully navigate a one-night stand. From what to pack to how to handle the morning after, we've covered it all. Take a look at what they had to say, and feel free to comment with some of your own tips.
And remember: Sex isn't one-size-fits-all, so these tips aren't gospel — these are just 30 people's opinions based on their personal experiences, so you do you.

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