6 Ways A Full Moon Might Mess With Your Life

Photo: Getty Images.
The belief that the moon can affect your behaviour — the“lunar effect” — is surprisingly hard to stamp out. That's partly because, after decades of research, the science is still more contradictory than you might think.
You'll be pleased to know that scientists haven't found any reason to believe there's a connection between the full moon and your menstrual cycle or mental health. Yet the answer is a little less clear when it comes to your sleep, for instance.
Of course, we’re not claiming the moon is actually changing you in mysterious and spooky ways. And no, it's definitely not causing some sort of tidal effect on the water inside of you. But there are some links out there that remain…unexplained.
Could this be some sort of supernatural influence? Nah, very unlikely. Does this mean we've got some statistical anomalies on our hands? Maybe. Are we having an excellent time thinking about it? Heck yeah.
Ahead, we walk through the research about a few of these mysterious correlations between the phases of the moon and ourselves. Here are five things you might notice are a little bit different during the full moon.

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