35 Easy-To-Copy Styling Tips From Zara

Photo: Courtesy of Zara.
Zara is our go-to for a lot of things. At this point, we expect the retailer to have our bootie for the season, a less expensive version of that runway cardigan we've been coveting, and even an unexpected trend or two to refresh our wardrobe whenever we fall into a style rut.
While perusing the pages-upon-pages of our latest dose of retail therapy, we came across something that changed the way we dressed: how Zara's pieces are styled. And in case you haven't noticed, they are pretty freaking on-point. The layering and the proportions are so clever, in fact, that you may end up choosing to get creative with the Zara staples you already own instead of buying a new piece. Don't believe us? Click on for 35 ways to give new life to your Zara this fall. Consider this your handy-dandy how-to for when you're feeling wildly uninspired.