JK Rowling Criticised For Labour Party Remarks

JK Rowling is a committed tweeter and well-known Labour supporter. So it was only a matter of time before she aired her thoughts on the party's current leadership contest on the social media platform. Yesterday, the Harry Potter author shared her frustration at Jeremy Corbyn's lead in the polls with her 8 million followers. She said the party won't laugh in the future because the current situation "isn’t bloody funny”.
A recent poll by YouGov put Jeremy Corbyn ahead of rival Owen Smith by 62% to 38%, The Guardian reported. Rowling's comment drew ire from many of Corbyn's devout supporters, including members of Momentum, the group on the left of the party that is supporting him for the leadership. Some called her input in the debate "distasteful", while others got personal, calling her "a billionaire centralist" and telling her to "fuck off". Despite the fact that she lost her billionaire status because she donated so much money to charity, and has her own rags-to-riches back story.
However, others praised Rowling for expressing her view and defending herself from the abuse. She thanked people for their "beautiful messages", many of whom she said were Corbyn supporters.
Since her tweet yesterday, Rowling has elaborated on her criticism of Corbyn and her reasons for backing Owen Smith in the contest, which is currently open to votes from Labour Party members. She said Corbyn remaining as leader would destroy the party, helping only the Conservatives, rather than people "trapped" in poverty as she once was.
She concluded with a forceful message to the haters.
The results of the Labour leadership contest will be announced on the 24th of September.

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