This Harry Potter Map Of London Is Legit Magical

Photo: Courtesy of Time Out/Pottermore.
Many of us dream of what it would be like to live in the wizarding world. Growing up with Harry Potter meant growing up with an all-consuming desire to live in that magical world full of chocolate frogs, flying broomsticks, and the ability to brew love potions. It's a desire that, even as we reached adulthood, never really went away. Though we’ll never truly know what it’s like to be witches and wizards, now, thanks to Pottermore and TimeOut London, Potter fans can hit up all the London spots in the series. Pottermore and TimeOut London teamed up to put together an illustrated map that features all the places around London that were mentioned in the Harry Potter books and all the locations where scenes from the movies were filmed. Though it’s no Marauder’s map, it’s definitely the coolest map we’ve ever seen in real life. On it, you’ll find numbered destinations accompanied by illustrations and details about the books and movies in which they appeared. With this map in hand, you can stop by The London Zoo's reptile house and King's Cross Stations, and maybe even finish the visit off with tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Now that would be the ultimate Potter-fan getaway. Seeya, we're checking flights to Heathrow.

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