#FeministAMovie Proves Why Twitter Can't Have Nice Things

There is a hashtag currently trending on Twitter that, as so often happens, is bringing out the best and worst in people. It's not clear why #FeministAMovie began trending on Thursday, but it's growing increasingly popular. The idea is to change the title of the movie into a feminist statement by replacing words or making a pun.

It's a great idea. And people have been coming up with some truly awesome ones — funny, incisive, and right on the nose. Like You've Got Male Oppression or James Bond: The Spy Who Sexually Objectified Me. So please, take a moment to enjoy these gems before we address the problem at hand.
But this is Twitter. And we all know Twitter can't have nice things without some misogynistic trolls breaking them. So, as first brought to our attention by The A.V. Club, there's a lot of sexist BS happening as well. The tweets are gross and insulting. And no, they're not even clever. We've got stuff like The Whining and When Hairy Met Sally. Women being shrill and unshaven are common themes, you'll notice.
Of course, the irony here is that the above jerks are proving the very point the hashtag intends to make. How disappointing. Just keep feministing, ladies.

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