The Beauty Buys The World Is Obsessed With

This story was originally published on August 4, 2016.

It seems like people are always talking about the next It product — this miracle cleansing stick from Korea, that luxurious sunscreen from France, those creamy lipsticks out of Italy. With the rise of beauty bloggers, Pinterest, Instagram stars, and YouTubers, it's hard to know what's the real deal and what's just a fad.
So, we decided to find out which skin-care brands people around the world are really talking about. How? We tapped Social Context Labs for the job. The research company pulled data from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and online forums to find the top 29 regions most active in the beauty space and determine the most popular brand and most talked-about product in each.
Naturally, there was plenty of overlap between the 29 regions. Many companies have a major presence in more than one country; even if they weren't the most talked-about in an area, brands like Estée Lauder and Shiseido would often fall within the top five.
Ahead, we compiled the 15 most popular skin-care brands in the world, the most beloved product within each, and our personal must-haves. Click through to see if your faves made the cut. And, who knows, maybe testing some of these products out will help you escape your makeup comfort zone.

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