This Woman Had An Amazing Honeymoon Without Her Husband

A honeymoon is typically a time for a couple to enjoy the beginning of their lives together. But for Huma Mobin, it became a time to enjoy time on her own. When her husband Arsalaan Sever Butt couldn't get his visa in time to embark on a trip to Greece, Mobin took it upon herself to have a blast without him. Since her trip was already paid for, she ended up going with her in-laws — some newlyweds' worst nightmare — Buzzfeed reported. But an epic collection of Facebook photos shows her flying solo with her arm designating where her husband would've been.
Mobin told Buzzfeed that she can't take credit for inventing the solo travel photo with your arm around an imaginary spouse. Her husband actually started it when he was in Budapest without her. The two are both big travellers, and this was actually their second honeymoon, so we can't feel too sorry for her. Especially not when she's in a setting like this.
"Traveling is an investment with infinite returns," she says. "Make the best of whatever goes wrong on the trip instead of sulking." When is this couple's next excursion, and are they accepting new travel companions?

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