Are You Brave Enough To Go Down A Glass Slide On Top Of An L.A. Skyscraper?

Photo: Richard Vogel/AP Images.
Are you afraid of heights? If so, downtown Los Angeles' newest tourist attraction will definitely make your heart beat faster. L.A.'s U.S. Bank building has added a cool new addition: The Skyslide. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Skyslide cost £2.5 million to make and currently hangs 1,018 feet above the ground. It's 45-feet long and literally plunges riders from the 70th floor, according to CNN. "The slide actually transports people from the inside of the 70th floor to the outside of the 69th floor. So, you're standing in the open air by the time you're done with your ride," OUE Americas Senior Vice President John Gamboa said. "We don't know of anything else like it." It's terrifying, according to one Associated Press reporter. Reporter Amanda Lee Myers wrote that she's jumped out of a plane and has even ridden rollercoasters that run at 100 miles per hour, but the Skyslide scared her. "My heart thumped as I approached the top of the slide. I could see the streets below me and the infinite city straight ahead," Myers wrote of the experience. "As I hooked each foot into a little mat that helps riders pick up speed and avoid skidding on the glass, I felt my hands trembling. And when I scooched slowly toward the point of no return, I thought strongly about turning around." Myer rode the slide twice and says it's definitely worth the hype. "Was it one of the scariest things I've ever done? Absolutely," she said. "Would I do it again? I just did." If you're an adrenaline junkie, the Skyslide is open. If you're not, avoid it at all costs.

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