Watch: Keira Knightley Wants You To Vote In The EU Referendum

Photo: GETTY
Only 50% of under-35s are planning to vote in the EU referendum, despite being the group most affected by the outcome on 23rd June.

In light of that, some new films have been released to highlight just how quick and easy it is to mark 'X' next to 'Remain' or 'Leave'.

Keira Knightley, Lily Cole, Big Narstie, Vivienne Westwood and a host of other celebrities star in a series of videos called 'Five seconds', directed by Anton Corbijn, the man behind the Joy Division film Control.

The playful clips show how else the stars might spend the five seconds it actually takes to vote (Keira, for instance, practises her awards ceremony face.) They then deliver a powerful message: "Don't let others f**k with your future."
Lily Cole says: "I was concerned to see how low the voter turnout levels are anticipated to be amongst young people, who will arguably be most affected by this decision. I’ve also been frustrated by the divisive and negative nature of much of the campaigning... So we wanted to do a neutral and positive campaign to encourage people to get involved, and make their opinions known."
The videos are meant to highlight the long term impact of the referendum result and stars will continue to release them right up until voting day on 23rd June. They are a collaboration between agencies adam&eveDDB and Kin&Co, alongside campaign groups Wake up & Vote and We Are Europe.
Rosie Warin, co-founder of We Are Europe, said: "We just want people to think beyond Westminster bickering – the outcome of this referendum will impact our day to day lives for decades. As the films say, don’t let others f**k with that! For the same amount of time as sending a Snapchat message, selecting a spotify track, making a tea! – you can have a say in that future. This isn’t like any other vote – it’s once in a generation. It’s your only chance to have a say. If you don’t, you might always regret that decision.”


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