The Ultimate Guide To Dining Like The Kardashians

One of the biggest challenges of modern life is keeping up with the Kardashians. Almost every single aspect of this family's existence is just absurdly fascinating. But even if we follow their social media presences and their reality show empire religiously to make sure we don't miss a thing, most of us can't afford to copy their shopping habits, their beauty routines, or their wardrobes. One thing we can do, though, thanks to this guide, is dine like the Kardashians (checking account permitting, that is).
We compiled a list of the restaurants that the Kardashian-Jenners haven't been able to get enough of over the course of the past year. That way, we can all eat like reality TV royalty — or maybe even spot one of them in real life. Ahead, we explore some of the spots where they've stopped for a bite.

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