Sadiq Khan Appoints Mostly Women To Mayoral Team

Photo: @SadiqKhan
London's new mayor Sadiq Khan has appointed women to the majority of major roles in his team, according to the BBC. It is something the Labour politician pledged to do throughout his campaigning.

The most significant appointment is Valerie Shawcross, who will become deputy mayor for transport. Sophie Linden will become deputy mayor for policing and crime. As a former adviser to David Blunkett at the home office and the deputy mayor of Hackney council, she is well qualified for the post. Finally, Fiona Twycross will act as chair of the London fire and emergency planning authority. Khan has already appointed a woman – Joanne McCartney – as deputy mayor.

The final team is not yet completely assembled, but these appointments (alongside a number of men, including James Murray for housing, David Bellamy as chief of staff, and Nick Bowes as director of policy among others) mean that this should be one of the most equal front benches ever seen in UK politics. Bravo, Sadiq!

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