Pornhub Is Making Sex Into A Workout

Oh, the gifts Pornhub bestows upon the world. First, it promised us a space-bound porno, then VR-based porn, and, most recently, an emoji-enabled search engine. And now, it has brought us BangFit, an exercise platform meant to make sex into a real "workout" — you know, for those times when the gym just isn't sexy enough. As the folks at Pornhub explain in the video above, to get started, visit the site on your computer and select the number of "players" that will be joining you, along with their genders — you can select between one (for a sweaty solo session) and three. You'll then sync your phone with your computer by visiting the mobile version of the site, which will get a porn clip streaming on your computer and turn your phone into a makeshift fitness tracker. From there, let the fun begin. As things get hot and heavy, you'll have to get creative and find a way to keep your phone close to you — on you, preferably. The more contact your phone has with you, the more accurately it will track your movements. As the video describes, you "hump along" in time with the actors in the porn to score more points, which will add up to your final score at the end of your "workout." Not sure how to keep your phone attached to you during the action? BangFit's site mentions that a branded band that straps your phone to your waist will be "available soon." Or, as Engadget reports, the company also suggests using regular-old belts to keep your phone in place. Of course, you can always just watch porn with your partner and have the usual un-gamified sex. You'll miss out on BangFit's cheesy (yet great) '90s aesthetic, but you'll still reap the fitness benefits that sex has to offer.

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