The “Side-Boob” Bralette Achieves Nothing, Is Everything

The world can't seem to get enough of bralettes right now, with both retailers and publications pointing to the underwire-free, little cousin of the sports bra as the underthing of the moment. And, as you know all too well, with any new trend comes weird offshoot trends. Ready for this one? The bralette has borne the "side boob" bralette, something we stumbled across during one of our recent trips through the many, many pages of ASOS.
For those who haven't opened an Us Weekly in the past 20 years, side boob is what happens when a top that is either oversized or narrowly cut allows the side of one's breast to peek out. As ManRepeller puts it, you can view side boob as cleavage's more unassuming cousin. But, if you're not an "influencer" or a fashion model, an attempt at side boob often results in an accidental flash of all-boob. But if you've got tens of thousands of Instagram followers to appease and need something to wear to your upcoming EDM festival/boudoir photoshoot (all shade aside, we actually think there are a lot of you out there), we think we've found the perfect thing.
ASOS Giant Fishnet Side Boob Bralette, £18, available at ASOS.

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