Anna Sui X Opening Ceremony Is Every '90s Girl's Dream Come True

Photo: Getty
Anna Sui, for those who aren't familiar, was the definitive designer for '90s girly-grunge. You know, Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani in acid-green florals and platform Mary Janes – yeah, that vibe. It was a kind of luxe Tammy Girl 2.0 with more tulle and it's so the Olsen Twins meets Clarissa, by way of some fine Merlot-coloured silk. It was in short a designer-take on those amazing vintage pieces that seem available only to dungaree-wearing vegan artist It-Girls who live in Williamsburg and frequent thrift sales daily.

Well, it's time to reconnect with your inner Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions, because Opening Ceremony have come together with Anna Sui as part of their 2016: The Year in China series meaning that some of Anna's most cult items are available again now. The decently sized capsule collection features boudoir-items from Anna's seminal shows: the Grunge Collection (1993) and her Punk Collection (1994). Cropped T-shirts, chokers, baby doll dresses, tulle cardigans and cropped silk trousers are some of the highlights. Trying to track down the original garments has become something of an unofficial bloodsport between stylists, so the re-issue of these items is big fashion news people. Look lively and start debating how to justify the shipping costs from the US to Blighty.

Here, for your delectation, is the '93 grunge show that rocked the fashion-boat...

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