What The Street Style Stars Wore To Chanel’s #FrontRowOnly Show

For the most part, the same group of attendees show up at the same batch of fashion shows, but there are a handful of shows out there that draw out a crowd of devotees. These cult-fave shows generate a street style scene that's got personality beyond your typical fashion show. We're paying homage to one show per Fashion Week that inspires such superfandom (and a dress code to match!).
There's no specific type of person who carries a Chanel bag or wears Chanel clothing. That's partly due to the brand's longtime legacy and heritage. Chanel appeals to women around the world, from all countries, ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, and personal styles. But what they all have in common is their appreciation for fashion and luxury. How that's interpreted and integrated into their wardrobes depends on their own aesthetic.
On Tuesday, Chanel's #FrontRowOnly runway show in Paris was attended by wide cast of house fanatics and loyalists — and they all showed up with their quilted, tweedy, beautifully constructed A-game. Though showgoers were all there for different reasons, their admiration for Karl Lagerfeld's work (and the label Coco Chanel built) was the same. Click on to see the women dripping in Chanel that made us realize if we were going to be groupie for any fashion house, this would probably be it.