Channing Tatum Helps George Clooney Decide On His Stripper Name

Magic Mike 3 isn’t official yet, but Channing Tatum has teased one part of his dream cast. While doing interviews for Hail, Caesar!, Tatum told E! News' Maria Menounos that he wants George Clooney to join. "If he would do Magic Mike 3, I will give him all of my part of the money," Tatum said. "It's all yours." Clooney joked that he could use it. What would his stripper name be? Tatum thought his given name was perfect. Clooney wouldn’t settle. “Big George?” he suggested before going to the time-honored Stripper Name Formula: Pet Name plus Street You Grew Up On. "Big Boy Fourth Street," Clooney said. That got us thinking. What are Clooney’s best roles to adapt to stripping? The first that comes to mind is Batman. There’s nothing hotter than the Caped Crusader becoming the stripper that Gotham deserves. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a strong contender for second place; nobody can resist the danger and animal sexuality of a Dapper Dan Man. Also, Clooney plays an escaped convict. The ball and chains are kinky. A surprise third place is ER. Who can resist Doctor Clooney? All his other roles are basically just George Clooney in a suit. That’s nice, but boring. Leatherheads is disqualified for insanely obvious reasons.

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