The New Set of Street Style Stars

We've all drooled over the fashion week wardrobes of street style heavyweights such as Veronika Heilbrunner, Yasmin Sewell, Susie Lau, Shea Marie and Lena Perminova. But over LFW AW16, we spotted a new legion of trendsetters rising through the sartorial ranks.
Let's be honest, the biggest names in the business are no doubt showered with fashion freebies and knee-deep in gifted garms. And so it's refreshing and exciting to see the way in which the ascending set of street style favourites put together outfits with their own idiosyncratic touches.
Pairing vintage and highstreet with luxury labels and playing with layering, double denim, clashing colours and a whole lot of Gucci accessories, these guys have inspired us to experiment more and venture outside our comfort zone. The established names ought to watch their well-clad backs. These are the new kids on the block. Introducing the fashion vanguard...
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