FCUK Is Back And It’s Cool As Fcuk

Either your mum let you wear a T-shirt saying FCUK OFF in huge letters across your triple A battery boobs when you were 12, or she didn’t. If she did, you’ll delight in the news that FCUK is back for spring/summer. The comeback campaign is shot by photographer Harley Weir and stylist Julia Sarr-Jamois – and if you know what you’re talking about, you’re talking about this.
Featuring British musician Will Heard, Argentinian artist Conie Vallese, French model Angie Sherbourne, Polish model Coco Kate and British model/artist, Wilson Oryema, the campaign is fcuking fresh.
For years, French Connection have been living in their own shadow, never quite able to live up to the glory days when the fcuk reigned supreme. The loaded logo was the closest thing to punk rebellion I had as a teenager on the high streets of South East London, donning a new innuendo every Saturday and waiting patiently outside Boots for respectable people to frown. My personal favourites included:
- too busy to fcuk
- cool as fcuk
- go fcuk yourself
- let’s fcuk
Convincing my mother that fcuk was a perfectly innocent acronym for French Connection United Kingdom was the finest moment of my teen years. The logo T-shirts will be in store from the beginning of February; I’ll race you to the tills.