The Inaugural Leonardo DiCaprio Awards

The question on every film fan's lips is, “Can Leo finally snag that elusive Oscar?” Many believe that after being nominated for five Academy Awards, but failing to ever make it to the podium, this must be his year. The road to Oscar starts here.
His role in The Revenant not only displays everything the Academy approves of – dramatic physical change, an arduous shoot, bear attack – but for once there isn’t much competition either; his biggest rivals are Eddie Redmayne, who surely can't win two years in a row, and Michael Fassbender, who will have his very own “It’s his year!” moment around 2019.
We at Refinery29 can’t quite believe Leo hasn’t already bagged that golden statuette, so we have decided to present him with our very own awards, to keep up his spirits until he brings it home on Oscar night.
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Best Supporting Hairstyle
Jared Leto might have beaten Leo to an Academy Award but Leo was receiving plaudits for his audacious coiffures way before Jared ever sported braids. Leo has been rocking headbands since his teens and even turned up to give a speech at the UN climate change summit in 2014 wearing a resplendent man bun.
The Victoria’s Secret Wings Awards
Never mind how many times Alessandra Ambrosio has received her wings, how many times has Leo??? There’s Bar Rafaeli, Anne V, Erin Heatherton and Toni Garrn. And those are just the clotheshorses who have pranced down a catwalk in undies and a pair of wings. If we were to include all the regular models he’s dated here, we’d have to take out a publishing deal.
Best Dad Bod
And he’s not even a Dad! That is some dedication. Leo, we love your love handles.
Best Squad
Before Taylor and her BFFs there was the Pussy Posse. Comprised of, well, really rather a motley crew of Leo, Tobey Maguire, David Blaine, Harmony Korine and the kid from Witness, the Pussy Posse famously stalked Manhattan night spots during the 1990s, causing havoc and breaking hearts. It was basically Entourage but with a magician. No wonder the ladeez couldn't get enough.
The Chic Award for Best ‘Freak Out’
No one freaks out on screen quite like Leo, so much so that some wonderful fan has combined all the moments he has fully lost it on celluloid. Altogether now: “EITHER THOU, OR I, OR BOTH MUST GO WITH HIM.”
Mother-Lover Award
VS models will come and go but there will only ever be one woman for Leo: his mother. Leo is a total mummy's boy and Irmelin is always his preferred red carpet date to premieres and awards shows. Actually, the Angels must be livid.
The Hug-a-Tree Award
When he's not acting in roles that don't win him Oscars, Leo is pursuing his environmental interests. And they are quite impressive. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars, is dedicated to preserving and saving the environment. Even his Instagram is solely concerned with the plight of the rhinos and the Great Barrier Reef. Not a selfie in sight (...more's the pity tbh).
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The Men and Women Can Be Friends Award
Leo and Kate Winslet's long-term friendship flies in the face of When Harry Met Sally's dictum that men and women can never be just friends. OK, we don't actually know that they never boned, but after 18 years of friendship and two films together, they still publicly declare their love for each other and Leo even allegedly walked Kate down the aisle at her wedding to Ned Rocknroll in 2012.
Best Original Fan Fiction
Seriously, some of the stuff out there is even better and more absurd than One Direction fanfic. But our favourite? The story in which Leo finally wins that Oscar… but then finds out he only has until the end of the day to live. Let's hope it's not prophetic. The environment and VS models everywhere need you, Leo.

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