11 Book Series You Loved As A Kid That Are Worth Revisiting

As a kid in school, you always get assigned books to read. A lot of these are good and worthwhile works — they're where we found our Scout Finches, our Gatsbys, and our Jo Marches. But the books we found on our own were like Christmas morning.
The books you read as a kid help shape the person you grow into. While a lot of them don’t hold up once you’re an adult, a few of them really do. The best writing for kids and young adults holds enough layers and meaning that there’s always something there to appreciate, whether you’re 10, 20, 30, or beyond.
We still love to encounter a book featuring an adventurous heroine, dealing with the best and worst that life can throw at her. What better place to find thrills or comfort or a role model than the places we found them as kids?
Click through for our favourite wizards, monsters, little sisters, and lady detectives — and choose an adventure to revisit!

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