Classic Teen Books Every Adult Should Reread

Warning: This ain't your Hunger Games or Harry Potter slideshow. This is a tribute to the forgotten books from your childhood and teen years. The ones that may not have been made into movies, but were just as influential in their own special way.
So, allow us to throw out just a few of the many titles that will stir up warm pangs of nostalgia when you see their covers and read their titles. Number the Stars. Zlata's Diary. Homecoming. A great novel you read when you were younger can feel like an old friend. Rediscovering it as an adult gives you the chance to revisit an important part of your formative experience.
Curling up with these 41 novels from your childhood might feel like a journey to the past, but you'll also find new ways to appreciate them now that you're older. That's what makes these books classics. They only get better with age.

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