3 Super Easy Summery Salads That Will Actually Fill You Up

Traditional salads are handy for quarantine times, in that they tend to require very little cooking, so no need to sweat over a hot stove in heatwave conditions (nothing quite like a no-cook meal, eh?). But their lightness and brightness all too often this comes at the cost of raging hunger later on. After all, lettuce isn’t exactly filling, amirite?
Well, not to worry, as we’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely not the law of food that salads have to contain leaves and leaves alone. It is totally possible to make a series of proper, big, filling meals that also just happen to be salads; they’re filled with delicious things like falafel, roast sweet potato, juicy grilled chicken, softly oozing boiled eggs and crisp, satisfying veggies like asparagus, cucumber and fresh peas (not all at once, mind). And do you know what the best thing is? These are all really healthy to boot. You’re welcome.

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