How To Make Whipped Lemonade, TikTok’s Drink Of The Summer

TikTok has already anointed its iced coffee drink of the summer, and now it's becoming obsessed with a fruitier cooler.
It's called whipped lemonade and it delivers cocktail-style summer glamour without any of the alcohol (though if you wanted to add a dash of your favourite spirit, you absolutely could).
In fact, New York-based TikTok creator @mtlajeunesse predicts in a video that's racked up 167,000 likes that whipped lemonade is going to be "the biggest trend of this summer".
It's a bold claim, but her video provides a really easy recipe for giving it a try. You simply mix three cups (720ml) of ice with two cups (480ml) of squirty cream and half a cup (120ml) of condensed milk. Than, add half a cup (120ml) of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and whizz it all up in a blender.
After that, you pour the whipped liquid into a cup, top with more squirty cream if you wish, then pretend you're in Saint Tropez... even if you're actually sitting in your kitchen in Streatham.
As with all TikTok food and drinks trends from pesto eggs to baked oats, there are several variations doing the rounds. Creator @goldenxclouds has shared a video in which she makes a delicious-looking whipped strawberry lemonade with strawberry Kool-Aid powder and a basic milk frother – a great substitute if you don't own a blender.

☆ whipped strawberry lemonade ☆ i was asked to make this so i decided to make it today! 💕 ##fyp ##whippedlemonade

♬ Intentions (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Justin Bieber & Quavo] - Elliot Van Coup
Meanwhile, other recipes proving popular on TikTok swap out the condensed milk and squirty cream for coconut milk, which makes a vegan version of whipped lemonade. Bottoms up!

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