The Latest TikTok Breakfast Trend Is Warming & Delicious

TikTok isn't just the place where Sylvanian Families unleash the dark side we never knew they had. It's also a wellspring of skincare advice, sleep hacks and cooking inspo – thanks to the app, feta cheese has never been more popular.
Morning routines have already become a big thing on TikTok, so it was only a matter of time before breakfast recipes followed suit. And the latest breakfast to trend on TikTok is both simple and delicious: baked oats.

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What is baked oats? Well, it's neither a bowl of porridge nor a slab of flapjack, but something in between. As TikTok user @m0rganbeattie demonstrates in the video below, it involves mixing a portion of porridge oats with an egg, baking powder, mashed banana and some milk, then baking in a loaf tin until it firms up into a warm and squidgy treat.

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One of the great things about baked oats is the slow-release energy it provides – just like regular porridge. Another is its cake-like texture, which makes it feel slightly more indulgent than plain old porridge.
If you scroll through the #bakedoats hashtag on TikTok, you'll find a whole range of recipes ranging from the relatively sensible – blueberry and cinnamon, for example – to more playful options like Jammie Dodger baked oats. Hey, if you can't have Jammie Dodger baked oats during a pandemic, when can you?
And if you prefer to bake from a written-down recipe than a TikTok video, BBC Good Food has a tasty-looking blueberry baked oats recipe here.

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