Schitt’s Creek Season 6, Episode 11 Recap: Need An Escape?

Warning: This recap contains major spoilers for season 6, episode 11 of Schitt’s Creek.
Before Tuesday’s episode of Schitt’s Creek aired, co-creator and star Dan Levy tweeted, “let us be a welcome distraction for 21 minutes and 52 seconds.” There’s no way that Levy and his team could have known that half an hour (give or take) of the Rose family’s antics was exactly what we would need right now. But the thing about Schitt’s Creek is that it’s the perfect feel-good show on any given day. And during a global pandemic? It’s the reprieve we’ve been waiting for. 
It’s fitting that the central plot in episode 11 of season 6 revolves around an escape room (more on that later) because Schitt’s Creek is providing some much-needed escapism. That is, if you’re not triggered by all the wedding talk (my heart is with all the couples who have had to cancel or postpone their nuptials as a result of this crisis) and you can enjoy the pure joy of Patrick and David’s bachelor parties. We start with Stevie relaying to our grooms what she has in store for them for their respective nights out. I was expecting Steve Lund’s Jake to be involved as a surprise stripper (wishful thinking?) but alas, Patrick’s dream bachelor party involves...solving puzzles. The game is to be followed by “a night of customized appetizers and cocktails at the Wobbly Elm” for David who asked for a “chic and elegant” party. When he hears the news, he says, “wow, that’s bleak.” I don’t know what David was expecting since he’s still broke and, you know, in Schitt’s Creek. Stevie did a great job all things considered.
Next, Moira is relaying her plot from last week to Twyla and my girl Ronnie. She’s not-so-humble bragging to them that she asked Tippy for $100,000 more than Clifton Sparks (remember Victor Garber’s great guest turn) and a diamond tennis bracelet “for dramatic effect” when she turned down the role in a Sunset Bay reboot. Ronnie brings it back to reality (as she does so well) by asking Moira why she turned down the chance to star opposite Nicole Kidman (also an IRL Schitt's fan) to stay in a place she complains about every week. Moira deflects by announcing that she is the new spokesperson for “an international airline” which of course we know is Larry Air, and it’s not a TV spot, it’s radio. “Voiceover work is every actor’s dream,” Moira says.
Back at the motel, Johnny announces to Stevie and Roland that he may get a call from his former-assistant-turned-big-shot-venture-capitalist, Mike Morrison, to maybe set up a meeting to invest in their motel franchise. I still don’t understand this storyline or how they are going to franchise a business that was failing merely weeks ago, but hey, Johnny is the businessman here. If Eugene Levy’s eyebrows are excited, we’re all excited. 
Alexis is still just a little bit Alexis aka not fully herself and wallowing in her breakup slump, half-dressed in sweatpants and a floral jumper. “It died, David” she whines. “If you’re talking about your style, we can totally bring it back to life,” he quips. She’s not talking about her style; she’s talking about the succulent Ted gave her. It's "like the one thing left of our relationship.” Moira interrupts David’s spiel about how there’s only room for “one unstable sibling” so Alexis needs to get it together. As the unstable sibling in my family, I felt that.  
Moira is in the voiceover booth ready to record her Larry Air radio spot as Alexis and a producer (played by former MuchMusic VJ and High Fidelity actor, Rainbow Sun Francks) look on. She has to read lines like “A deal so rare, it’s Larry Air” and “get your derrière
on Larry Air” in a way only Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose could (read: chaotically unhinged).
Next up? The gang (including Moira in the greatest black-and-white ensemble in Schitt’s Creek history) get ready to do an escape room. Fun fact: When I talked to Issa Rae recently, she told me she is terrible at escape rooms. I will not pick up that name I just dropped. Moira and Alexis taught me well. Alexis takes the fact that they happen to be escaping from a Galapagos-themed room as a sign that maybe she should have moved there with Ted. “We’re in a strip mall on the side of the highway, I wouldn’t read into this,” David says. Following another guy around the world isn’t the answer, he goes on, giving Alexis some sound advice before he gets way too invested in the escape room. David and Patrick being the couple that’s overly competitive and screaming at each other to win a silly game is the joy I signed up for. 
Alexis turns out to be great at escape rooms using the knowledge she’s gained from years of travelling around the world with her suitors and just, um, being Alexis. “We need to find something from Egypt like mummies, Rami Malek,” she says before finding the key in a pyramid. Outside of the escape room, Johnny checks his phone and his would-be investor Mike Morrison calls to confirm their meeting. The entire family erupts into applause and I burst into tears. Just a taste of how I’m holding up during the impending apocalypse. 
In our final scene, Alexis realizes she’s outgrown Schitt’s Creek (finally), and Moira hijacks Patrick and David’s bachelor party to toast Johnny for his big news. The 21 minutes and 52 seconds of distraction that we all need. Thank you, Schitt’s Creek.

Other Things We Gave A Schitt About This Episode

Who Was The Schitt? 
This one goes to David Rose solely for how Dan Levy played the escape room scenes. He’s blowing on clues and yelling “you blow on the circles then!” It’s an instant meme and maybe his finest — albeit most embarrassing — comedic performance to date. This is his Emmy submission scene.  
Best Pre-Schitt Name Drop
Moira wins with, “David, is it alright if I don’t watch Panic Room with everyone tonight? Jo Foster once screened it for me privately and I would like to keep that memory safe.” Moira calls Jodie Foster “Jo” obviously. Runner-up goes to the fact that Alexis is able to spot England on a map thanks to her “weekend with Tom Hardy.”
A Moment for Moira’s Wigs
We get two Moira bebes this week. The first is a silvery shiny number cut into a style resembling "The Rachel" and just because it’s Moira, I’m not mad at it. Second, we’re gifted with a crimped rusty-blonde bob that made me laugh so hard, I almost forgot we’re in the middle of an state of emergency. 
Water-Cooler Gossip
—Will Moira beg Tippy to put that Sunrise Bay offer back on the table? That scene with Twyla and Ronnie really made it seem like she’s regretting turning it down and that we haven’t heard the end of Moira’s chance at a soap opera comeback 
— It sounds like Alexis has officially decided she’s leaving town. I assume she’ll end up in L.A. or NYC, but it’s how they’ll get her there that I’m excited to see. And I hope a man has nothing to do with it. 
— Johnny is on his way to becoming a successful businessman — for the second time. If the Roses come out of this story rich again, does that feel like a cop out? I wish for them a nice middle-class life of humility and financial comfort.

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