Is Quibi Canada Worth It? Here Are 12 Shows To Check Out

Photo: Courtesy of Quibi.
In the middle of this global pandemic, content is as coveted as toilet paper. People are desperate for ways to ease their boredom while self-isolating at home and Netflix has never been more popular. But Tiger King isn’t exactly fun repeat viewing and there are only so many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to re-binge. Enter: Quibi, the new, snack-sized streaming service (the name stands for "quick bite").
You have probably already heard of the mobile-only app, which launched on Monday, because of its big names (Chrissy Teigen in Chrissy’s Court, Reese Witherspoon in Fierce Queens, and Offset in #SKRRT), or buzzy new series (Sophie Turner’s Survive or Will Forte’s Flipped). The platform is full of scripted and reality-TV shows, documentaries, movies, and news broadcasts that are 10 minutes or less.
While the short, on-the-go format may have been designed for your morning commute, quick lunch break, or a time when the world was in more of a rush, the small pieces of entertainment still pack a big punch. And they’re good for work-from-home snack interludes and sneaking in screen time to hide from a stir-crazy kid or partner. 
Since its debut, there have been more than 700,000 downloads of Quibi in the U.S. and Canada. But is it all flash and no substance? And is the $6.99 ($9.99 if you want no ads) subscription worth it? Well, the first 90 days are free, so I’d say it’s definitely worth that price of admission. Plus, unlike Netflix and Amazon, Canadians get the same roster of shows that our neighbours to the south do. There’s also plenty of Canadian content to keep up with. 
Here are 12 titles you should check out that are now streaming on Quibi in Canada.

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