We Made You 12 GIFs To Use While You’re Social-Distancing

Hands up if cutting back on your screen time is proving more difficult than ever! In the era of social-distancing, social media is probably taking up even more of your time. And for good reason — staying connected is more important than ever before. Not to mention that with all the new hobbies people are picking up (yes, suddenly everyone is making bread), chances are you've got plenty of COVID-19 content to share. One message we want to help you get out there is the importance of social-distancing in the fight against coronavirus. So, the design team at Refinery29 created a collection of 12 GIFs for GIPHY — all available to you for free — to do just that.
While the rules and enforcement of social distancing vary depending on where you live (in Ontario, get-togethers of more than five people are banned, for example), the principles are the same no matter where you are: Stay home as much as possible, and if you venture out, stay six feet away from other people. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms of the virus (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing), then a 14-day self-quarantine is mandatory in Canada. According to public health officials, following these measures is critical to planking the curve.
But not everyone seems to have got the memo, and many of us are having to have tough conversations with our loved ones, not to mention strangers, about the ins and outs of social-distancing.
That's where our GIFs come in. "We wanted to create GIFs that would help encourage people to stay inside while also allowing them to share the important message of social-distancing," says Yazmin Butcher, Refinery29 Canada's Visuals Editor, who created a #StayInside GIF. Other GIFs include messages like "Be My Quarantine," "Party of One," and Stay Home, Stay Safe." For moments when you're feeling slightly more... blunt... there's "Stay The F&*! Inside." And for the next time you share a pic of your self-isolation sourdough on Instagram Stories, there's "Alone, Not Lonely."
Check out all our GIFs by searching for #R29StayHome or #Refinery29 on GIPHY and on Instagram Stories.

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