10 New Netflix Canada Releases To Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
When I first recommended Squid Game in this column a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be good, but I never imagined the nine-episode Korean thriller would become the biggest show in the entire world. That’s the magic of streaming in this global era — you never know what international gems are going to reveal themselves and dominate our pop culture ecosystem for a time
Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to find the next Squid Game in this week’s batch of new releases on Netflix Canada — but I’m not not saying that either. After all, you never know when a random show you put on out of boredom will take over your thoughts. Perhaps it will be the new Mexican series The Five Juanas, which finds five people investigating the mysterious circumstances that led to all of them having the exact same birthmark. Maybe it will be The Billion Dollar Code, a legal thriller inspired by an IRL German duo who sued Google for patent infringement. Or could it be My Brother, My Sister, a moving Italian drama about two estranged siblings who are forced to reunite after their father dies? 
What will your next streaming obsession be? Read on for more of this week’s new releases on Netflix Canada to find out.

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