Everything Coming To Netflix Canada In October

Whether you’re rewatching The Exorcist for the who-knows-how-many time, or taking in the genre's newest offerings, the month of October is basically a 31-day-long Halloween event for horror fans. Netflix Canada knows this, and have labelled the season’s influx of spooky content Netflix and Chills. From the return of creepy serial killer drama You and new vampire flick Night Tooth, there are plenty of spin-tingling chills coming your  way. 
For those of you who favour the cozy-sweaters-and-sipping-on-PSLs type of October, Netflix has got you too. There’s the eternal favourite Mamma Mia!, guaranteed to bring a ray of sunshine regardless of when and where you (re)watch it, and the second season of ultra nostalgic The Baby-Sitters Club, a wholesome and nourishing series about young, smart BFFs. 
And that’s just a small selection of what’s arriving this month. Here’s what to stream this October, plus a list of everything coming to Netflix Canada.

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