10 Ways To Add Drama To Your Box Braids This Fall

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.
There are two types of women: Those who love to play in their hair, and those who just want to be done with it already. Somehow, box braids work for both. If you're in the first group, you can try different hair colours, part designs, and beaded accessories in your braids for an element of experimentation. And if your hair is a daily, time-consuming burden, you can sit in a salon for four hours and be done with styling for a full month.
No matter your reason for getting them, box braids are low-maintenance and give your hair a break from regular blowouts or twist-outs. But it's not totally hands-free. You should still take a few minutes each week to tend to your scalp with a cleansing treatment that removes product residue and a conditioning oil to keep hair hydrated. But all in all, it's a lot less work than the hours typically spent in the salon or twisting. And since we're entering one of the busiest quarters of the year, it's a good time to eliminate hair from your long to-do list.
After scrolling though loads of photos on the #boxbraids hashtag on Instagram, we pulled out 10 badass box braid looks will inspire your next look, from rainbow-dipped braids to a throwback bob cut. Prepare to screenshot and save your faves, ahead.

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