Everything Leaving Netflix Canada In September

Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock.
Goodbyes are hard, and they’re especially hard when they come at the end of summer — a time when, thanks to years of schooling, we feel the need to bid adieu to the breezy (slightly more) carefree versions of ourselves in favour of the more-regimented side of our personalities. 
It’s for the same reason the latest batch of Netflix Canada departures are also tough to swallow. As we get back into the swing of our fall schedules, we must part ways with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the ultimate showcase for the fun-loving, easy-going days we all dream of. There’s Interstellar, a sci-fi epic that’s seemingly about climate change, but really is about a father’s relationship to his family from afar. And let’s not forget Kill Bill, an exciting saga that harkens back to a style of film we hardly see anymore.
Read on to discover the movies we have no choice but to say farewell to when they leave Netflix Canada this month.

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