Everything Leaving Netflix Canada In August

Photo: Adam Taylor/Olive Bridge/Kobal/Shutterstock.
When shows end, are they ever really gone for good? Lately reboots, revivals, and re-releases have been all the rage and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. This is much to the chagrin of hardcore purists, who believe that reboots never hold a candle to their OG counterparts. But on the other hand, it also ignites a new generation of watchers and piques the curiosity of those who weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to their fictional friends and foes.
Between conceptual reboots like the Chris Pratt-era Jurassic Park films, a Sex and the City-esque revisit, a Sopranos-style prequel or just a reunion, like we watched with the Friends cast earlier this year, knowing revivals are still en vogue makes finales and departures a little bit sweeter. 
Saying goodbye to some of our favourite streams is still tough, but at least it’s just goodbye for now. This month’s crop of movies and shows leaving Netflix Canada is ripe with reboots and source material: the sequel to Jurassic Park’s Gen X remake will be leaving the platform alongside the director’s cut of the original '80s Blade Runner (the one without Ryan Gosling). We’re bidding adieu to seven titles, so we’ve put together a list to check out while you still can. Read on for what will be leaving Netflix Canada this month.

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