Pretty Much Everyone Is Getting A Bob Right Now

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
If you're considering bangs right now, you may also be thinking about a bob. Both feel like big, refreshing changes that could pull you out of any rut. But the latter, as many hairdressers will tell you, tends to have a higher satisfaction rate.
That's because the bob haircut is fully customizable: Add face-framing layers or a bang, keep it weighted and blunt, or opt for a gateway lob if you're worried about not being about to pull it back. However you choose to personalize yours, having hair skimming above your shoulders will feel refreshing, which may be why so many celebrities, models, and influencers are posting post-chop mirror selfies captioned with a scissors emoji.
For proof and inspo, scroll to see our current mood board of bobs that will have you going short at your next appointment.

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